One shield, every way to learn.

As Windsor Forest Colleges Group continued to expand their colleges, they needed a refreshed Group identity. One that unified the brand experience, but also celebrated the individual character and merit of each college, attracting students and adults looking to make a career doing what they love.

A shield forged for the modern world

The existing Colleges’ shields lacked a sense of individuality, struggled at smaller sizes and weren’t fit for the addition of new colleges. So, we stripped the shield back to its most simple form. From here, we crafted custom marques that represented each College more vividly, whilst sharing the same geometrical values. The slanting angles then paved the way for the wider visual language.

Power to the pattern

Alongside a newly designed shield and colour palette for each College we created a unique pattern, too. Used in lots of different ways, from graphical accents and fills to containers and textures, the patterns add another level of character to each College, making them to stand out at the same time as belonging to their wider family.

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