Take charge of your space.

Formula Space are innovators in EV charging environments, creating high-impact spaces that perfectly balance practicality with aesthetics. Our rebrand saw a change of name, a change of visual identity and narrative – and a springboard into a new way of marketing in a competitive but exhilarating business landscape.

Hip to be square

Bold. Blocky. Ballsy. Our brand style goes full-throttle with a distinctive graphic device paired with a daring colour palette. Add to this a typography style of functional simplicity and the result is a design language that has an innate strength – and a few surprises.

Always space

A generosity of space gives this brand clarity. Visual noise is at a minimum, giving balance, contrast and a sense of openness.

Future value

When crafting any new brand, our aim is to maintain relevance and resonance for the long term. Our methodology from the outset is grounded in research and exploration, learning your business and growth ambitions to help steer a clear, defined path for your brand’s future.

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